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Professional Garment Care

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to fabric care. At Hyde’s Quality Dry Cleaners, we have years of hands-on experience with dry cleaning and use the most advanced equipment and technical processes to look after your clothes. Our expertise extends from your daily wear to your most precious items, including silk and beaded gowns.

Our advanced dry cleaning techniques go beyond surface cleaning, penetrating deep into the fabric to thoroughly yet gently remove stains, odors, and impurities while preserving the integrity of your garments.
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Business Shirt Service

While the suit says much about the person who is wearing it, once the coat comes off, it's the shirt that does all of the talking. At Hyde’s Quality Dry Cleaners, our shirt service guarantees a "ready-to-wear" shirt with clean, crisp collars and cuffs and a professional finish that will make you look and feel your very best! For those hard-to-remove stains, like ink, we offer a bleaching service to ensure you always look your best.

We're committed to delivering the highest quality laundered shirt anywhere, which is why we recently installed a state-of-the-art shirt pressing machine.
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Household Furnishings

The perfect way to kick off your spring clean and keep your home looking fresh is to have your home furnishings cleaned. We service a variety of items, including: bedding, drapes and curtains, floor rugs, and furniture covers. Simply leave them with us and we will remove worn-in stubborn stains and brighten up fabric colours.

According to the National Asthma Council Australia, "The most common allergic triggers of asthma are house dust mites, pets, pollen, and moulds." Dry cleaning will kill dust mites which will help keep household allergen levels lower. As with any fabric, it is always best to have seasonal furnishings professionally cleaned before storage or when you are ready to use them after a long period. Our processes will have your items clean, fresh, and ready for use when you need them.
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Bed & Table Linens

Would you like crisp, clean, pristine bed linen? We pride ourselves on our exceptional home laundry service for bedroom fabrics. If your linen is stained we will spot and soak it to clean and brighten it up. We will return it to you beautifully washed, pressed, and hung to our exacting standards. Our high-quality bed linen service saves you the time normally spent cleaning your linen at home or transporting it to your local laundromat.

We also provide a full table linen cleaning service and are specialists in handling everyday table linens and fine table linens, which must be delicately handled and pressed by hand. All tablecloths are returned to you immaculately cleaned, starched to your liking, carefully pressed, and neatly hung/folded.
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Curtains & Drapes

Hyde’s Quality Drycleaners ensures the long-lasting beauty of your curtains, as we rejuvenate your draperies and window treatments, maintaining a like-new allure.

Exposure to humidity, oxygen, and sunlight can damage fabrics, especially near windows. Regular cleaning—recommended every other year—prolongs their life. Our experts inspect and clean your curtains, ensuring they return ready to hang. Plus, for your added convenience, we offer a take-down and rehang service. We handle the work, you just enjoy clean, refreshed curtains.
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Suede & Leather Cleaning

Leather cleaning is a specialized process that is designed to preserve the look and feel of the leather garment. Leather garments are extremely durable and, if properly treated and cared for, will last for many years.

For our leather care, Hyde's Quality Drycleaners uses Green Earth® cleaning, the revolutionary cleaning process. Green Earth® cleaning is environmentally friendly, non-allergenic, and above all, leaves NO just-dry-cleaned smell. Green Earth® cleaning uses a silicone-based dry cleaning solvent that shares the same base – silicone – as hair care, makeup, and deodorant products. It has no odor or smell, yet has superior cleaning and soil removal properties. It will keep your leather items feeling soft and the colors true to their original look.
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Clothing Alterations

Have clothing that needs a fix or just doesn't fit correctly? We are happy to help with a variety of garments, including pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts/blouses, and more.

Our alterations services cover solutions for common needs, like hem adjustment, waist tailoring, zip replacement, as well as mending of rips and tears. Our skilled team ensures your garments receive the attention they deserve. Count on Hyde’s for precision and finesse in every repair and alteration, leaving your wardrobe in impeccable condition.

If you have a unique item that can use repair, please come in and we will give you an in-person consultation.
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Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Before or After the Wedding:
Come see us and we will give you a free consultation and estimate for the care of your new or vintage bridal gown. Before your wedding, we can get your gown looking perfect, whether it needs cleaning, pressing or both. For vintage gowns that have yellowed, we can restore them to their true color. You'll be amazed at our results!

You can trust us to give your gown the royal treatment for your wedding day, and also after the party is over! We take every precaution to protect delicate beads, trims, and lace during the cleaning process. Our thoroughness and attention to detail guarantee every gown's beauty.

Hand cleaning & Our Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment:
We carefully hand-clean your wedding gown with gentle chemicals that dissolve different kinds of stains. Plus we take extra steps to be certain all stains, both seen and unseen, are removed. Wedding day spills such as soda, wine, and cake (many times caused by a guest and unnoticed by you) can dry without leaving a visible mark. These sugary spills, which are not dissolved during ordinary dry cleaning, can caramelize into ugly brown stains. Once all stains are dissolved, your wedding gown is rinsed in pure solvent until it is completely clean.

During pressing, we treat your wedding gown with meticulous care. As we prepare your wedding gown for your wedding day or for shipping to a destination wedding, your gown will be stuffed with a bodice form and tissue to keep it wrinkle-free. If your wedding gown is to be preserved, you may ask to inspect your wedding gown after it is pressed but before it is safely packed in our museum-quality wedding gown chest.

Bridal Gown Preservation:
Turn the memory of your special day into an heirloom, and keep your gown in the family with the wedding gown preservation service you can trust—guaranteed! We start with a thorough cleaning of your wedding gown, followed by layering your gown in acid-free tissue and folding it into an acid-free, archival-quality wedding gown chest to protect it from exposure to light and air. No chemicals are added.
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